Joy Ady is a writer, composer, singer, artist, and producer/co-producer of her songs. She has written “God of Wonders”, two singles “I Bu Chukwu” and “For Your Love” (Not Unto Us). She released her latest EP Album “Reverence” on the 25th of July, 2020.

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Lyrics For My Latest Hit Track


Many afflictions of the Righteous

For You deliver me out of them all

For I have been marked by you

As Mountains surround Jerusalem so Your Love surrounds me

Except You watch over me the guards stand watch in vain


I’m surrounded by Your Glory

Surrounded by Your Power

Surrounded by Love

Surrounded by You {Repeat all}


All may not look so good

All doors seem closed

All in the dark

All hope seem lost

I’m surrounded by you

Surrounded by You


I’m surrounded Surrounded

Your Love {repeat}



Gallery from God of Wonders Album Launch

Indescribable and unlimited God. God of Wonders we hail you. You can find this song in the album “God of Wonders”. Album is on apple music, spotify, tidal, amazon, google play.

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